Monday, September 15, 2008

Rare large spinels from Mahenge, Tanzania

A remarkable discovery in Mahenge, Tanzania has produced an amazing selection of exceptionally large, clean, and highly saturated red spinels from one crystal.

As the large crystal had already been broken up along its fractures when we acquired it, we were unable to photograph it in its original form. The rough produced an outstanding assortment of fine top color stones. Singly refractive gemstones like diamonds, garnets, and spinels can be especially brilliant and a high quality top color red spinel is even brighter than the finest of rubies. Although Burmese spinels may occur in a comparable color, they are almost never available in large sizes and invariably much more expensive.

While stock markets have been erratic, prices of rare colored gems have been increasing steadily due to a limited supply from remote localities and strong global demand.

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